“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

I’m just a guy trying to examine life, so my life could be a life worth living. 

By all means, I am no authority on philosophy, but I do LOVE IT and understand the necessity of it; to the extent that, I am willing to take the daunting task of reading dry philosophical literature in hopes of making it understandibly fun to learn for you [the reader]!

My goal is to write blog posts related to today’s political trends. Although my main focus will be politics, posts wont be excluded to the realm of politics; rather, they will encompass an array of relavant current event, or basically anything I feel like writing about. . . All through a philosophical lens.

I will also start a series called: A History of Philosophy, where I will break down all the major philosophers from the Ancient to Contemporary periods, and give you an objective synopisis of their systems of thought; possibly, with my opinions at the end.

Now walk with me through the world of philosophy as I write posts, and scrutinize historically important works from philosophers throughout the ages!