Modern Day Sophist: The Social Justice Warrior and the New Left.

I find it truly remarkable that today’s culture gave birth to a new species of Mammalia.

Transcending the primitive human subspecies and gaining a higher form and new level of enlightenment:

The Social Justice Warrior was born.

21845548_1676629655715806_350043395_oWho knew we’d be able to experience – in our time – a proper knight of the people, a true robin hood for the unfortunate, the new superhero that our children will grow to admire and love.

These gods of morality discovered the tree of knowledge and brought back true morality –  their absolute omniscient in the fields of ethics and politics is without question.

These heroes, that gain power from the looming incorporeal injustices and hate that haunt society; hyperventilate that hate into their orifices, and in hyper-emotional, autistic shrieks, and cries, conjure bolts of justice with a barrage of attacks to anything they deem inappropriate, offensive, and triggering.

The Social Justice Warrior, singlehandedly, spearheaded a new generation – the Snowflake Generation – to the frontlines of politics.

And within’ a span of several years, achieved new feats of butt-hurt and gained worldwide support from the media, “scientists”, and politicians; furthering the “progress” of society and granting them the honorary duty to be proud defenders of social justice.

These virtue seekers are in no way homogenous.

They are “independent” and “different”.

SJWgroupPicJust as they are flamboyant with their aesthetic, their ideology has become the new fashion statement. . .


They are champions of diversity.

In everything, but thought.


Any person with any sort of disagreement to any specific issue they hold, should be ready to be branded a racist, fascist, or xenophobe – cutting off rational debate before it even begins – a clever sophistic trick.

“No tolerance of intolerance”, a proud slogan among these virtue signalers.


Almost three thousand years ago, before there was any philosophy there were the Sophists.

What they were taught was how to win friends and flatter the multitude of people around them, to gain political and moral influence. They have used all the debating tricks, all the fallacies, and all the confusing gimmicks that they could think of so aspiring politicians and cultural influencers could bamboozle their opponents – guilting them into submission.

Is there any difference from the New Left?

I’ll end this post by quoting Ayn Rand:

Intellectually, the activists of the New Left are the most docile conformists. They have accepted as dogma all the philosophical beliefs of their elders for generations: the notions that faith and feeling are superior to reason, that material concerns are evil, that love is the solution to all problems, that the merging of one’s self with a tribe or a community is the noblest way to live. There is not a single basic principle of today’s Establishment which they do not share. Far from being rebels, they embody the philosophic trend of the past 200 years (or longer): the mysticism-altruism-collectivism axis, which has dominated Western philosophy from Kant to Hegel to James and on down.

– Ayn Rand, “From a Symposium,”
Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution, 174








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